Tuesday, March 11, 2014

361 - 380 of Two Thousand Gifts / Blessings / Thankfulness

361. The flu that has hit seems short lived.

362. My back is feeling slightly better.

363. The boys were pretty quiet today.

364. We enjoyed a few windows open to let air in and germs out.

365. Thoughts that make me smile.

366. The sound of chattering guinea pigs.

367. Heating pads.

368. Coffee.

369. Text messaging.

370. The sound of Thunder.

371. The gentle sound of rain.

372. The sunshine.

373. The sound of children playing outside.

374. Dreams.

375. Watching Katelyn walk Finnigan outside. Finnigan kept turning around to try and head for the front door. Hysterical.

376. Household help.

377. Stories from childhood.

378. Ducks.

379. The sound of chimes blowing gently in the wind.

380. Ibuprofen

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