Sunday, February 9, 2014

217 - 242 of Two Thousand Gifts / Blessings / Thankfulness

I have a bit of catch up to do if I am to stay on track for the year . . . so, I asked my boys to help.

217. Long Sunday afternoon naps.

218. Finnigan is inside and not outside where it is cold. (Cameron)

219. Doors that lock - someone tried to come in our front door this afternoon. They (3 of them) thought we were having an Estate Sale. It was next door.

220. Sweetness

221. Daddy is so smart and can fix things. (Cameron)

222. Puppies (EJ)

223. Mom and Dad (EJ)

224. Mommy and Katelyn make great suppers. (EJ)

225. For the lizards (Ryan)

226. A Home to keep us safe and warm. (Cameron)

227. For the dogs, the duck, the fish, guinea pigs and hedgehog. (Cody)

228. Clothes (Cody)

229. Blankets and Beds (Cody)

230. Lego, ipod (Ryan)

231. Desk (Ryan)

232. Daddy has a business so we can have money to get food and stuff. (EJ)

233. Mommy and Daddy (Cody)

234. Warmth from the cold temperatures (Cameron)

235. Humidifiers (Cody, Ryan and EJ)

236. For coats and jackets so we can go outside. (EJ)

237. For water (Cody)

238. For Bedtimes (Mommy)

239. Food (Cody)

240. For God (Cameron)

241. For everybody (Ryan)

242. For Katelyn (EJ)

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