Sunday, January 26, 2014

133 - 150 of Two Thousand Gifts / Blessings

133. I am thankful for the lovely temperatures today. Almost 50 on January 26.

134. I am thankful for Podcasts - listened to Ann Graham Lotz this morning.

135. I am blessed with these two: 
They headed off to Winter Jam tonight and had a GREAT time!

136. I am thankful Ryan has a wonderful friend.

137. I am thankful for the safe return of my Katelyn and Ryan.

138. I am Blessed that my Boy loved the concert. He also bought a T-Shirt.
Ryan told me it was VERY cold outside and it FROZE his hair gel.

139. Listening to exciting stories from my oldest son. Spinning drums, loud music, dancing to the music and ear plugs.

140. Once again, I am thankful for our generator. The storm has knocked electricity out in many places.

141. I am Thankful for a sturdy home.

142. Thankful for safety - Coyote spotted across from our house.

143. Thankful for the baseball bats - just in case the Coyote tries to come up to the house.

144. Yummy Hot Coffee . . . fresh ground.

145. For school cancellations in our school district. Even though my kids will be home inside and doing their home school.

146. I am thankful for Abeka Academy online streaming.

147. Albuterol - Katelyn and the other three girls that went tonight had to use their emergency inhalers - the temps are so very cold.

148. I am thankful for Dear Friends that took our kids and brought them home.

149. God moments.

150. Having everyone safe and warm at home.

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