Sunday, January 19, 2014

111 - 120 of Two Thousand Gifts / Blessings

My heart is heavy tonight as I count my Gifts/Blessings.

Late this afternoon, I was notified that a Pastor friend from our past, unexpectedly passed away. Although we know He immediately was welcomed into Heaven at his passing, our hearts are so heavy for his wife and six precious children. Would you please pray for Peace, Grace and Rest for the family? Would you pray the gentle and loving arms of Jesus will wrap around them? Thank you so very much.


Tonight, I am especially thankful.

111. For the Godly teaching of Pastor J.

112. For the Compassion Pastor J had for others

113. For the Passion for the Ministry

114. For the special times we as families had together


115. Thankful for the loving arms of my husband.

116. Thankful for the ability to talk to God at any time.

117. Thankful for my family.

118. Thankful for the breath of life.

119. Thankful for the Promise of Eternal Life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

120. Thankful that one day we will see our loved ones that have gone to Heaven before us.


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