Saturday, November 16, 2013

941 - 950 of One Thousand Gifts / Blessings

Blessing and Gifts by way of pictures . . .

941. Three of my little guys - always up for adventure.

942. My girl surprised us with a yummy chicken dinner complete with green bean casserole and fresh baked bread.

943. My hubs seems to always be busy with something. I love that he is rescuing pieces from our local high school demolition.

944. Incredible pieces of "art".

945. Katelyn's assignments. She even makes feet look beautiful.

946. Our youngest - I believe this guy is our comedian.

947. This picture is from a few years ago - it always makes me smile.

 948. My little Beckett all wrapped up like a burrito.

949. Remembering Days Gone By . . . My Grandma lived near Hoffert's store. I used to get candy from there.

950. I still love Linus and Snoopy! Don't they just make you smile?


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