Sunday, September 22, 2013

811 - 820 of One Thousand Gifts

I have gotten a little behind in writing. I have so many things to be Thankful for . . . 
God has blessed with so many gifts!

This weekend I was reminded of "gifts" we simply forget to be thankful for . . .

The gifts of the SENSES:

# 811: Smell -

# 812: Eye sight -

I certainly would not want to miss out:

watching our furry ones enjoy their day


 on enjoying the sight of my seven year old cracking and peeling eggs for egg salad


see the beauty of God's creation


Watch God's creatures doing what they are meant to do.

# 813: Hearing -
 Listening to Beautiful Music - 
our weekend was filled with Praise and Worship music

# 814 Taste -
Is there anything as good as warm freshly baked bread with butter and jam?

# 815 - Touch -
 Including those special lil' touches . . .
puppy kisses!

There are so many Gifts God has given us!


816. Sweet little gifts called . . .  Naps

817. Times of laughter

818. Teachable moments

819. Celebrating Life's Milestones

820. My hubs . . . still sentimental after all of these years.


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