Tuesday, August 27, 2013

771 - 780 of One Thousand Gifts

Tonight I am thankful for so many things . . .

771. The heat wave we are having has reminded me how thankful I am for Air Conditioning!

772. We sold our seven year old boat. That was certainly a blessing!

773. Email is such a HUGE blessing to us. We can take care of so many things with a few clicks of the keyboard.

774. I am thankful my brain continues to soak in information. New training at work is tedious!

775. I am thankful the school year is off to a great start for the boys.

776. I am thankful for quiet evenings.

777. Crazy and Strange Creatures at my house . . .

Ryan and Apollo the beardie

Ryan and Apollo, Cameron (back), Cody (middle) and Evan

778. The Festivals in our area have began.

779. The thought of fresh apples and apple pie are tempting our taste buds.

780. Every day Miracles

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