Monday, April 22, 2013

391-400 of One Thousand Gifts . . .

Tonight I will reach #400 of One Thousand Gifts!

391. The water fowl making the best out of the flooding in our area.

392. I enjoyed a bit of time with my FOURTH kiddo today after the Orthodontist.

393. Beautiful thoughts . . . just when you need them.

394. Promises . . .

395. A Mama's Love . . . going across the WORLD to get her baby girl and bring her home!
We are so very excited for Sean, Leslie, Emily, Jillian and welcoming Anna Mei!

396. Sitting on the main floor deck watching the boys play outside.

397. Puppy snuggles after a long long day.

398. Not running out of TP when in a public bathroom . . . even though you only have a few squares to use.

399. I am thankful for Birthday Celebrations . . . even for our furry ones!

400. Yummy Home made Tacos . . . The kids loved Taco night!

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