Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GIFTS 223-230 in Photos

I need to do a little catch up on my One Thousand Gifts list . . .

223. I am thankful for my beautiful new office!

224. For my newest read . . . can't wait to get started! Chaos? What Chaos?

225. I am thankful for my boys . . . they love to read to Joseph . . . and he loves it!

226. I am thankful Randy's office came out gorgeous AND he loves it!

227. I am thankful for each of my boys . . . (ortho visit)

228. I am thankful for this little guy. His name is Parker and he loves colored beans to play in! Great tactile learning!

229. I am thankful for the beauty God provides!

230. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter Katelyn. 

Please say a prayer for Katelyn . . . she has para influenza.

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