Thursday, March 14, 2013

GIFT 231 - 240

GIFTS . . .

  • 231 Listening to my boys and two great nieces giggle their day away with Mrs. M. They really had a great day!
  • 232 Knowing my girl is home safe and sound
  • 233 Feeling great
  • 234 Taking time to reflect on my day
  • 235 Family chat during dinner time
  • 236 Seeing the results of my children's imaginations
  • 237 Scoring new "art" work from my kiddos today . . . hanging on my office door
  • 238 A good sneeze to clear your head
  • 239 Our Seeley Booth at my feet where ever I am
  • 240 Getting a call from my hubs today - my office is upstairs and his is on the main floor - asking me if I was "missing" something. I answered "no" . . . he laughed and said my furry baby had come down to his office. Apparently, she knew she had done a "no no" ~ we were at the business and people are in and out all the time ~ she came flying up the stairs to my office and had her head down. Shamie, Shamie.

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