Friday, February 22, 2013

GIFTS - 172 - 180

GIFTS . . . they come in so many different forms. I LOVE making sure I take note of them each and every day . . . my day is incomplete unless I do.

172. Snow Days

173. Seeing my children problem solve. Letting little brother be a big help too by taking care of the smaller portions of the snowman.

174. My children's smiles
175. Playful and protective furry babes - Seeley Booth loves snow!

176. New snack recipes like Bunny Bait . . . I am pretty sure the boys will love them!
click HERE for recipe
I will be tweaking it to make it peanut free.

177. Sweet Snow Day Memories

178. Seeing the feathery creatures of God . . . enjoying themselves.

179. Enjoying how nature changes.

180. Working together - makes this Mama smile.

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