Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am sure people wonder . . . WHY count Gifts, Blessings, things to be Thankful for?

For me it is simple. I have chosen my word for the Year 2013 . . . a special word that I want to strive to make my life . . . INTENTIONAL. Upon choosing my word, the enemy Satan began his attack. You see, Satan does not want me to be Intentional . . . especially Intentional for God.

If Satan wants me to stop being an encouragement, he tries to defeat me  . . . Yesterday was "quite a day". Defeat was Satan's goal . . . and initially I did feel a bit defeated, however INTENTIONAL sprang into my mind. So, instead of declaring defeat . . . I encouraged someone instead . . . INTENTIONALLY.

We can CHOOSE our "mood" for the day, either good or bad.

This morning, Gift 41 . . . Reading the Wonderful announcement from Dear friends . . . Baby #10 is on the way and due in July! I am rejoicing with them!!! Congratulations "W" family!!! 

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