Friday, March 18, 2011

THANKFULNESS #s 300 - 325

I am a bit behind on listing things I am Thankful for OR that I LOVE.

Life is busy and sometimes, it just gets in the way.

301. quiet mornings
302. obedience from my children (seems rare some days)
303. text messages from my girl
304. locks
305. ear drops
306. antibiotics
307. naps when you don't feel good
308. open windows and doors on a nice warm day
309. the hopes of a new day
310. the delete button 
311. fat free creamer
312. life
313. breath
314. listening to the birds sing
315. technology ~ watching the Norfolk Eagle cam on the 3 eaglets
316. sleeping with windows open
317. Christian music
318. Devotionals by phenomenal Christian Women
319. Working from home
320. a clean house
321. free weekends
322. the sound of a train whistle
323. clean laundry
324. loving parents
325. cheerios

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